Level One

Level One (Modules 1-3) consists of courses such as Biblical Faith, How to Study and Interpret the Bible, and New Testament Survey, which are designed to build a foundation of the Word of God in the heart and life of your students. The courses challenge and compel them to become all that God has called them to be.


AFCMITC courses are designed to build a Biblical foundation and provide a disciplined structure to rightly dividing the Word of God. Students will receive instruction in principles of faith/biblical studies, as well as training for five-fold ministry.

AFCMITC is presented in approximately 57 courses packaged in six modules. After the completion of Level One (Modules 1-3), students will receive a diploma. Level One must be completed before enrolling in Level Two. After the completion of Level Two, students will receive a second diploma and may be eligible for licensing through AFCM, provided they meet all the necessary requirements.

Host schools set their own tuition fees to offset the cost of the school.

Module 1

Dr. Jim Kaseman

The foundation is laid for our faith walk in the course, Basics of Faith by Dr. Jim Kaseman.  Dr. Kaseman teaches with clarity what faith is and how we can develop our faith.  This course emphasized that faith is a spiritual law and that it works by love.

Rev. Tony Cooke

Rev. Tony Cooke teaches this helpful course for anyone serious about studying the Bible.  The Old Testament is taught in light of preparation for Jesus and the New Testament as the manifestation of Jesus, the propagation of Jesus’ message, the explanation of who Jesus is and what he accomplished, culminating in the account of the consummation of Jesus’ Kingdom.

Dr. Jim Kaseman

To get revelation, Christians need to reflect on God’s Word by hearing, seeing, and doing what the Word says. This practical course helps you see the importance of meditation and putting God’s Word first in your life.

Pastor Steve Green

This course endeavors to demonstrate the essential or core message of the New Testament, in the context of the Old Testament, including the simplicity and consistency of this message from book to book.

Dr. Jim Kaseman

Spiritology is the study of spirit, soul, and body. You will learn how to recognize the difference between your intellect and your spirit, how to develop a strong human spirit, and gain understanding of how God “wired” your human spirit so you can clearly hear His voice.

Rev. Tony Cooke

The differences between Saving Grace, Standing Grace, Sanctifying Grace, Sharing Grace, and Serving Grace are explained in this informative course.

Pastor Steve Green

This course is based on the book of Hebrews, which is an example of preaching the New Testament gospel from Old Testament Scripture.  The writer demonstrates how the present ministries of Jesus, Apostle and High Priest, make Him captain of our salvation.  Obedience to the Great Commission and the practical role of the local church are emphasized.

Dr. Jim Kaseman

Before the beginning of time, God ordained that the only way to be reconciled back to Him was through the shed blood (the life) of an innocent substitutionary sacrifice. There is more mentioned about “blood” from Genesis through Revelation than any other subject throughout man’s redemptive history, God has always worked through blood covenant. His redemption for mankind was foreshadowed in the old blood covenant and fulfilled through the new blood covenant.

Brenda Thomas

This title came from a phrase the Lord spoke to my husband regarding prayer. “Powerful, purposeful, prayer paves the way for the impossible to become possible.” When we pray according to the Word of God, we can be assured that power is released which produces tremendous results. In this class, we are going to look at various scriptural elements of powerful praying.

Dr. Jim Kaseman

The fruit of the Spirit in an individual’s life is actually the development of Christ’s character in the heart of the believer. It is an indication of the individual’s level of abiding in Christ. According to Deuteronomy 28:47, if we serve God with joy and gladness of heart, we will experience abundance in everything so that we can bear fruit and be a blessing to others.

Module 2

Pastor Mark Brazee

To understand and receive healing we must let the scripture interpret the scripture. You can know that it is God’s will for everyone to be healed. The Bible equips people to bring God’s word and demonstration of healing.

Dr. Jim Kaseman

In this informative course, Dr. Jim Kaseman teaches about angels, demons, the deception of Satan and your authority as a Christian.  You will learn what you can do, for example, casting out demons in unbelievers, and what you cannot do—casting out demons in Christians since Christians do not have demons dwelling within them.

Rev. Judi Tillett

It is important for believers to understand the gifts of the Spirit. Judi Tillett teaches the three categories of gifts—revelation, power, and utterance. Each gift is explained in depth and you will come away with a complete understanding of the gifts and how they are used.

Dr. Jim Kaseman

Ephesians is a very exciting Biblical redemptive revelation that the Holy Spirit gave the Apostle Paul. Paul desired for his readers to grow in faith, love, wisdom, and revelation of the Father of Glory, resulting in his readers living a life worthy of the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, we cover two basic themes in this study of Ephesians: (1) how we are redeemed by God, and (2) how we as the redeemed are to live.

Pastor Tim Gilligan

This course establishes the wholeness that believers should walk in and why insecurity happens in some believers’ lives. Tim Gilligan’s masterful teaching leads you through the process of overcoming insecurities. In the second part of this course, communication skills are taught emphasizing both good and forbidden skills.

Dr. Jim Kaseman

When you think of the immense expansion of the universe and the beauty and order of nature, you cannot help but stand in awe of the majesty of God. In this visually stunning course, Dr. Kaseman teaches that the fear of and reverence for God are fundamental to the believer’s relationship with God. Without this foundation, no true wisdom exists and no redemptive experience will stand the test of time and temptation (Job 28:28).

Module 3

Dr. Rick Renner

Rick Renner’s knowledge of Greek and the Bible makes this teaching an eye-opening account of Paul’s ministry. The journeys of Paul will come to life and you will be amazed at how much you learned when you complete this course.

Pastor Jane McDonnough

Submission and authority is so vital for Christians to understand. This course shows the Biblical basis and how God authored authority. You will also learn what submission is and what submission is not. Jane discusses proper submission and how to avoid the trap of rebellion. You cannot have a successful ministry or Christian life if these principles are not put into practice.

Dr. Jim and Rev. Kathleen Kaseman

This insightful course emphasizes the importance of integrity not only for those who will be in ministry, but for every Christian. You will learn the qualifications and priorities for becoming a successful minister of the Gospel.

Pastor Tim Gilligan

Teachings on prosperity have been misunderstood, but this teaching explains what prosperity really is according to the Bible. Many topics are explored including why God wants his people blessed, the importance of the tithe, defilements, and stewardship, giving you a proper perspective on prosperity.

Pastor Jane McDonnough

When you complete this course, you will understand the purposes of the tabernacle and know the layout and furnishings. Each part of the tabernacle is explained regarding the purpose and symbolism. This fascinating study concludes with the Heavenly Sanctuary.

Dr. Jim Kaseman

In the New Testament, the Greek term for apostasy literally means “standing way” from God and refers to abandoning what one has previously believed and experienced in Christ. God created man with a free will to choose death or life. Apostasy is the consequence of a deliberate and volitional choice to “depart” from the living God (Hebrews 3:12). The Bible issues urgent warnings about this grave possibility, designed both to alert us to the deadly danger of abandoning our union with Christ and to motivate us to persevere in faith and obedience.

Dr. James Johnson-Hill

In this class, we are dealing with how the church is responsible for healing the racial divide. Satan has long-used division between races, cultures and people groups to get people divided against each other. Scripture says, “ …a house divided against itself cannot stand.” It is the church’s responsibility to be ministers and agents of reconciliation and change, so that when Jesus returns, He finds a united Body.

Pastor Tim Gilligan

Your heart is the central motivating factor in your life. That is why the Word tells you to guard your heart above all else, for out of it spring the issues of life!

Dr. Jim Kaseman

In this course, Dr. Jim Kaseman leaves no doubt in the listener’s mind what the Bible really says about the use of wine and alcohol. You will learn the Hebrew words for fermented and unfermented wine which will bring clarity and understanding to this issue.

Rev. Jon Colyer

This course gives a glimpse into the passion that drives the evangelist. The driving heartbeat for souls is clearly expressed as Jon shares both from scripture and personal experience the dynamic power of the gospel. Jon also shares wisdom principles for the traveling minister.


A one time, non-refundable application fee of $25 is due with your application form. Once your school is approved, you will be notified and the balance for Module 1 will be due.

Each module includes approximately eight (8) courses with 65-84 total hours of teaching.

DVD: $530/module
Renewal: $220/module

Above prices do not include shipping.