It is the responsibility of the local church to disciple believers and train future leaders, thus expanding its influence. It is the desire of AFCMITC to assist our churches in this endeavor and help fulfill the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations.

Founded by Dr. Julius “Jim” and Kathleen Kaseman in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, AFCM International Training Center began with live teaching and a video camera. Before the first year was out we received requests for video schools in Eastern Europe. Currently there are AFCMITC Bible Training Centers in 11 countries.

AFCMITC courses are designed to build a Biblical foundation and provide a disciplined structure to rightly dividing the Word of God.

ITC consists of a two-level, six-module program that will provide instruction in principles of faith/biblical studies, as well as training for domestic and/or international ministry. Modules will allow churches to have access to valuable resources that they can utilize for their people at any given stage of their growth and development.

The faculty of AFCMITC includes experienced ministers of the gospel and practicing pastors, itinerant ministers, and missionaries.

Why choose AFCM International Training Center?

  • AFCMITC provides a local Bible school for many students who cannot leave home, jobs, or family to attend school
  • AFCMITC provides a disciplined structure to rightly divide the Word of God
  • Spiritual growth through anointed teaching
  • Changed lives
  • Leadership training
  • A sense of family and camaraderie
  • Students gain confidence and experience personal growth
  • Pastors report an increase in student’s involvement in the local church
  • Church growth and increased church outreach